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Game World

Archaeologist Al has discovered a mysterious space relic called the Noah's Ark near the Himalayas. The space relic can open a gate to a different world which contains civilizations that are lost in myths and animals that are extinct in our world. After that, scientists and archaeologists have discovered 8 more gates to the new world all across the globe. They named this new world The Ninth.

Through further studies and excavations, the Noah’s Ark is not only a gate, but it is also a climate regulator, a restart device for the Earth. It can destroy existing species by changing the climate. It can alter the ozone layer to expose the Earth to UV radiations that kills all living creatures. Every time there is catastrophe to wipe out everything, the Noah’s Ark will send certain species through the gate to the Ninth so that samples of the old era can be preserved and the new era can start.

Each Noah relic has a unique key. It is said that if 9 keys are collected in full, you can control this world. All countries and forces have begun to search for the keys.

As the greatest explorers of our time, we are to adventure in this new world to find prehistoric civilizations and discover answers…



Exploring unknown territories

Exploration, competition, and triumphing over others in the race for resources


Create your own home

Rebuild this abandoned land and protect the home in your heart



Trade Your Gains


More 2 Come

Comming soon

Game Details
Buy land
Total mineral value:73.32%

Discover the mysterious relic


Mine your land. Mint your relic.

Special utility

Construct special buildings to upgrade your earning.


Coming soon!

Upgrade Your Land

Fight for StarkNet
Why Layer 2?
It inherits the level of security of Ethereum. The market size of Ethereum is big meaning more buyers for your NFTs. Complex implementations of smart contracts needs more scalability for its functionalities, due to the current super high gas fees, cheaper and faster and decentralized secure solutions are essential.

Extremely Low Gas Fee

Why StarkNet?
There are 5 mainstream solutions for layer 2. State Channel (Celer Network), Plasma (Matic Network), Rollups and Validium to achieve cost effecient performance. Currently the 2 Rollups are Optimistic and Zk.
Optimistic Rollup's is like a transition solution, it is more adaptive and easier for operators to implement now, but it is bad for user experience because its challenge period can take up to 7 days meaning you cannot withdraw your assets instantly. Zk Rollup generalizes computation with Zero Knowledge and it is fast and secure, but it is still on its way, user case is on DEX mainly for now.
Validium (StarkNet) is like the next new thing with a 3 in 1 hybrid solution of State Channel + Plasma + Zk Rollup, it is the fastest with best user experience. Using Zero Knowledge reduces risks for operators to do bad things, meaning more decentralized and secure.

Massive scalability up to 9,000+ TPS.

Our Vision
When ETH1.0 upgrades to ETH2.0, the Rollup approach will boost tremendously because only data are validated on layer 1 chain. It is also confirmed by the recent post of Vitalik Buterin called "A rollup centric roadmap". We strongly believe only StarkNet can power us providing the best user experience and cost effectiveness. Our mission is to set ourselves to be the FIRST game use case for StarkNet.

10000+ Transaction/ 1 Min

Latest Updates

The Ninth is lauching on StarkNet MainNet.

Dec 7th,2022

Join our official discord, exploring more information about the project, chatting with other players, and giving your precious suggestions.

Feb 14th,2022

We are glad to announce that our official twitter is active now, follow us to check the latest updates!

Aug 17th,2021