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2075 2154 3799
Disasters & Threats
The world we live in is gradually deteriorating. The climate is getting warmer, the air is polluted, viruses are rampant, and wars are never ending ...... Human in deep confusion began to put their hopes elsewhere, just as religion has always shown its power to soothe the heart in troubled times. Some people in deep confusion put their hope in the unknown and hidden existence, and a mysterious ritual called Seance quietly emerged among the grassroots. According to rumors, the participants of the seance will be summoned to a mysterious space, using two drops of their own blood as a sacrifice to pray to the gods for favor.
Energy Furnace & Angels
Soon after, some huge mysterious energy objects hanging in the sky appeared over major cities all over the world, at the same time as the energy objects are some superhumans with fancy halos around their heads. Because of their resemblance to the angels in Hebrew mythology, they were called Angels. The appearance of angels brought a prophecy - the Earth will soon be unlivable for humans, and the way out can be found universe. Scientists and the military have taken over the mysterious energy objects and conducted in-depth research to discover how they can be used. They called these energy objects Energy Furnace.
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Ascendance Program
As the earth's situation deteriorated, the Ascendance Program was proposed. Humans were overwhelmed by panic and began to build Arks to escape from Earth. It was found that as long as enough energy is fed into the energy furnace, it is available for the ark to travel to the universe for exploration. However, the resources needed for the ark were enormous, even if all the resources on Earth were tapped, they could barely provide 50 arks of this size to ascend. The road before humanity is full of difficult choices, and the story begins here.
Astro Constructors
Ravage Commando
Galactic Dynamics
Astro Constructors: A construction team responsible for building the ark which is their main task. They only have a chance to get tickets if they build the room as fast and as high quality as possible.
Ravage Commando: An armed organization whose main task is to escort the resources needed for the construction of the ark. They are good at grabbing others resources and also become the target of plunder.
Galactic Dynamics: A technology bureau responsible for the core research of ark technology, providing various equipment for the construction team, and conducting research and development of the tech tree.
Angels: Angels are neutral units from a mysterious realm. Their powerful and unknown abilities can provide humans with unexpected help, but they also need humans to provide them with energy in order to survive.
Evolving Game
The Ninth is a Player-Made-Game, and a revolutionary Real-Time Evolving Game that gives you the power to shape the game's development and determine the ultimate outcome.
You'll be in control like never before in this fully-on-chain and crypto-native game with endless possibilities and a constantly evolving ecosystem.
What kind of collective outcome will the player's individual behaviors lead to? Will humanity rise to the occasion? Nobody knows, not even us as game developers.
You, the player, are in charge of the gameplay and can choose your own path to success. And the best part? You can even customize and extend the game's smart contracts to create your own unique gaming experience! You not only play a game character but also take on the role of creators of the world and writers of the story.
The Ninth simulate how humans might respond to an end-time crisis. In a sense, the game is like a live broadcast of the end of the world, where people worldwide can tune in and witness the fate of humanity.
With a Real-Time Evolving Game and an ecosystem that is constantly changing and adapting, you will never get bored. Whether you are an experienced gamer or new to the world of gaming, our Player-Made Game is sure to provide hours of entertainment and endless fun.
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